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“Breakthrough Video Broadcasting Company Launches, Fully Licensed Online VOD (Video on Demand) Service That Streams High Quality Korean Entertainment To Online Users In North America.” – March 30,2011

Korean Dramas, Movies, Videos, Documentaries Clips, Music, Music Videos, Community, Blogging, all in one place and accessible to all users! launches its breakthrough website March 15, 2011, which streams fully licensed video, movies, dramas, clips, music etc. to registered users in the North American Region.  Best of all, registration is FREE, so come check us out! offers its largest variety of Korean media content, licensed and provided directly by the broadcasting stations, all in one place, with a new website and improved user-friendliness.  MVIBO also provides an excellent online community with options to blog, talk, and communicate with fellow fans and viewers. Can’t find a favorite episode or want a hard copy?  No problem, offers official licensed DVDs and EOR (Episodes on Request) directly from the broadcasting stations themselves.  How is this possible? has partnerships with KBS World, SBS International, MBC America, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.  This allows to provide licensed, high quality entertainment media to North American viewers.  Fans of Korean dramas, movies, documentaries, videos, clips, and music, now have a comprehensive medium for all of their entertainment needs!

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“, which stands for Multi-cultural Video Broadcasting, is an online video streaming service that offers a large selection of Korean dramas, movies, and entertainment shows. Mvibo’s selection of premium programming is provided by leading Asian broadcasting and content companies, including KBS, MBC, SBS, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and other content providers. We license all programs directly from the broadcasting companies and provide online videos, all in high quality and with English subtitles.”

“Our purpose here at Mvibo is not only to provide drama video services, but to encourage fan interaction among its viewers and audiences. The site provides forum services for comments, suggestions, and information because they are important to us. Users may participate in the message and communication facilities about drama programs, movies and K-POP music videos. Furthermore, Mvibo will occasionally host contests, sweepstakes, and promotions on our website for drama fans, directly operated by participating broadcast companies and its affiliates.”

“Mvibo offers direct, full episodes of streaming Asian Entertainment programming. Mvibo continually develops ways to enhance entertainment and interaction experience for the viewers of Asian programming. provides high quality VOD (Video On Demand), fully licensed through the broadcasting companies:  KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. It is the first official website provider of Korean and other Asian contents in North America. The site serves Korean and Non-Korean speaking audiences with the latest dramas and provides English subtitles for most of the programs.”

MVIBO is taking online Korean Entertainment to another level!  With continuous developments and improvements to services and products offered, MVIBO strives to not only meet, but to notably exceed our users needs and expectations.  MVIBO is already working on improvements to their new website and devising new ways to serve their online community.  With the website being family friendly, you can bring all age groups to the site (although you must be at least 13 years of age to be a registered user) for a comprehensive selection of Korean based entertainment!  MVIBO is partnering with the Korea Times for the upcoming Korean Music Festival 9, (held at the Hollywood Bowl in April 2011), so come out and visit us for some free points, promotional items, and giveaways!  Another upcoming event on the MVIBO calendar would be the Official Opening Ceremony for which will be held mid 2011.

Please feel free to come participate in our events and support us by joining now! Registration is free, and you can start by enjoying free video clips, music videos, and a buzzing online community.   Check out the new release movies, dramas and TV shows, as well as older episodes and series with a premium pass! is dedicated to providing an entertaining, friendly, and comprehensive online experience, so I you have any suggestions that might help us out, please direct them to

-MVIBO Management